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In early April 2013, I became an full-time literary agent at JABberwocky Literary Agency. In late April 2013, I received a query from an author seeking representation for his YA dystopian manuscript. According to Everyone™, dystopians were extremely hard to sell, a feeling that hasn’t changed much in the intervening three years. But the concept was fresh and unique: in a world where words and gestures have all been copyrighted and you have to pay for the privilege of speaking. After working on some revisions with the author, I was honored to sign him and his amazing manuscript.

Which brings us to now:

Sale announcement for All Rights Reserved by  Gregory Scott Katsoulis

I’m so, so excited to have found a home for both Greg and All Rights Reserved. He was one of my very first clients, All Rights Reserved is one of those stories that sticks with you long after you’ve finished, and I look forward to working with Greg on many more thought-provoking novels!


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Long story short: In mid-December, an author came to me with a publication offer pending for her novel, and after a whirlwind of reading and emailing back and forth (deadlines, man), I was thrilled to offer her representation and take over the negotiation process. That process has finally officially concluded, and I can finally share the exciting news!

K. C. Alexander and her cyberpunk novel, NECROTECH, has sold to Angry Robot!  It’s a transhumanist masterpiece of cyberpunk and technology run amok, complete with an in-your-face female lead who doesn’t take no shit from nobody. Stephen Blackmore (Broken Souls) and Jason M. Hough (Zero World) summed up my own thoughts perfectly, calling it a “tight, violent thrillride” and “vulgar, vicious, and very very good,” respectively. And, lucky readers, the novel is currently slated for publication this September!

K. C., who you may know as Karina Cooper for her award-winning steampunk urban fantasy series, has made the leap into SFF, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with her.

SF Signal and Angry Robot have more information about NECROTECH (including a fantastic guest post from K. C.), so be sure to hop over!

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